Plastic Curved Tip Syringes / Plastic Dental Syringes

The plastic syringe is a perfect tool, it's full name is disposable dental irrigation syringe with tapered curved tip, the curved tip syringes provide easy access for maximum canal irrigation. A curved syringe sometimes is also called dental syringe.

The rubber plunger end provides an excellent seal, Plunger fits tightly. The syringe body is translucent.

  • For dental clinic, glue dispensing and other purpose
  • Tip can be straight
  • Size: 1ml-12ml
  • Item code: CVDS12
  • CE certificated , FDA registered
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The specialty plastic curved tip syringes are deal for pressure irrigation of wounds, abscesses and anal glands. The curved tip syringes are also widely used in arts & crafts as well as in industry for dispensing liquids and gels. It is ideal for use as water syringes. Barrel of the curved syringe is ungraduated.

Featured Function of Plastic Curved Tip Syringes /  Plastic Dental Syringes

  • Syringes are great for all sorts of purposes. Perfect for applying grease or glue in tight places, also perfect to cleanse under bridges, crowns and pockets.
  • Use with water to irrigate hard to reach places that the floss and brush can't get.
  • Perfect size, angle and reach for any part of the mouth. Long 1 1/2 inch tip narrows down to pin hole size, but can be cut back to allow larger opening if needed.

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