Nappy Sacks & Nappy Bags

Nappy Sacks / Nappy Bags are perfect for disposing of all nappies from birth to weaning, and beyond. Each Nappy Sack / Nappy Bag easily accomodates both Nappy and Baby Wipes used during even the most challenging nappy change. They are large enough to hold every nappy size and trainer pants.

Nappy Sacks / Nappy Bags are ideal for the hygienic and convenient disposal of nappies in the home and when out and about, a gentle fragrance of baby powder neutralises the odours from the nappy, The tie-Handle closure mechanism then allows an easy and convenient way of closing the bag.

Disposable Lifestyle

When you' re out and about, or feeling rushed off your feet disposable nappies can be a convenient way to clean up and carry on. The most important consideration is to match the needs of your baby and disposables can offer convenience and a variety of innovative designs to ensure this is possible.

Nappy Sacks & Nappy Bags Features

  • Nappy Sack has built in ties.
  • Seals in wetness and bacteria from soiled diaper.
  • Baby powder fresh scent.
  • Nappy Sack is disposable.

Relative Popular Names

  • Nappy Sacks
  • Disposable Sacks
  • Nappy Bags

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