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Plastic Flasks, also called erlenmeyer polypropylene flasks,  are long lasting and far safer than glass flasks for use in shakers. Flasks are autoclavable and available with plain tops or screw closures for your assurance of protection when storing solutions that you do not want exposed to the environment. These flasks are resistant to most chemicals, closures do not have liners so there is less chance of harboring contaminants, therefore, much safer than glass.

Features of Plastic Flasks

  • Translucdent, wide-mouth, conical flask made of polypropylene.
  • Comes with a screw cap.
  • Flasks can be used with a stopper.
  • Excellent chemical resistant.
  • Autoclavable to 135ºC.
  • Molded graduations on the transparent surface to make liquids and readings easily visible.
  • Polycarbonate erlenmeyer flask is unbreakable.
  • Extremely durable to shock.
  • Inner package available.
  • Lab product
  • PP resin
  • Customer logo
  • Screw cap
  • Full range in size
  • Graduation imprinted
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Item No. Description Inner Pack Quantity Meas.
PLL0050 50 ml   322 pcs 42*42*47.5 cm
PLL0100 100 ml   144 pcs 39.5*39.5*44.5 cm
PLL0250 250 ml   72 pcs 43*43*43 cm
PLL0500 500 ml   48 pcs 43*43*55 cm
PLL01000 1000 ml   48 pcs 54*54*67 cm

Shengshide Flasks

Your choice for laboratory products and scientific equipment should always be made with value in mind. The plastic flasks offered here, have been selected as high value lab products, as well as plastic volumetric flask listed on this website too.

Relative Popular Names

  • Plastic Conical Flask
  • Plastic Flask
  • Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Polypropylene Flasks

Relative Flasks

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