Plastic Squeeze Pop Top Vials

  • Size: 13DR, 19DR, 30DR, 60DR.
  • Transparent or solid
  • Child resistant cap
  • One squeeze to open
  • High quality
  • Opaque colors: Pantone color, such as red, blue, black, white, clear, green, purple, pink, amber and general transparent etc.

    Airtight, moisture resistant, and odor proof design

    Easy, yet secure access for obtaining there marijuana or cannabis. When it comes to dispensary supply, squeeze pop top vials are high in demand! It keeps medications secure and offers a convenient solution.
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Item No. Description Qty
POP13 13DR 315/CS
POP19 19DR 225/CS
POP30 30DR 160/CS
POP60 60DR 75/CS


Squeeze Pop Top Cap for Vials

This is a one-piece plastic cap attached with a captive hinge. A child-resistant squeeze pop top cap is opened by simultaneously squeezing two specific points on the plastic vial, which causes the snap cap to flip open. The squeeze points are located at the top of the plastic vial and are 1800 apart. Each squeeze point is designated by a set of 7 vertical ridges.

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