Plastic Temper Evident Caps and Child Resistant Caps for Vials and Bottles

Plastic temper evident caps (TE cap for short) or tamper evident closures with CR function (child resistant).  This kind of plastic cap or closure is more safe for the container itself .

A tamper-evident child-resistant screw cap for a bottle has an internally threaded closure portion and a depending cylindrical skirt portion having a pair of diametrically spaced arc segments, frangibly attached to the skirt and flexurally attached to the open end of the closure portion.

About TE function, click Temper Evident Cap (Tamper Evident Cap) to get more information.

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The tamper resistant function of the caps is separate from the child-resistant function, and are accomplished with separate parts which increase the cost of the cap. It is a cap of high reliability and security, with reasonable manufacturing tolerances, having more obvious tamper indication than presently known frangible.

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Child-resistant Caps Isn't Childproof

Child-resistant packaging or CR packaging is special packaging used to reduce the risk of children ingesting dangerous items. This is often accomplished by the use of a special safety cap. It is required by regulation for prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, pesticides, and household chemicals. In some jurisdictions, unit packaging such as blister packs is also regulated for child safety ......

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