Plastic Boston Rounds Bottles

Shengshide offers LDPE or HDPE boston rounds of plastic bottles. It is general called medicine bottles, and is a basic round shaped bottle. The shape of the round bottle makes it a good choice to add fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps, dropper top or disc top caps. The boston round bottles are available in a wide range of sizes, color and materials. These round bottles have a wide variety of common uses.

  • Available in a variety of color: amber, white, purple, natural, blue, black and clear etc.
  • Any customerized rounds shape available: traditional narrow mouth boston rounds, wide mouth rounds, pharmaceutical rounds and lab rounds.
  • With a multitude of closures like lotion pumps, sprayers, droppers, flip top caps and more.
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Boston Rounds Material: LDPE

Item Number Capacity Qty./Box Box Meas.
BSRD15 15 ml/0.5 oz 25 pcs 8.6x12.3x12.3 CM
BSRD30 30 ml/1 oz 25 pcs 10X15.7X15.7 CM
BSRD60 60 ml/2 oz 25 pcs 11.9X19.7X19.7 CM
BSRD120 120 ml/4 oz 25 pcs 15.2X25.2X25.2 CM
BSRD240 240 ml/8 oz 25 pcs 17X29.2X29.2 CM

Boston Rounds Material: HDPE

Item Number Capacity Qty./Box Box Meas.
BSSD30 30 ml/1 oz 25 pcs 10X15.7X15.7 CM
BSSD240 240 ml/8 oz 25 pcs 25.2X25.2X22.3 CM

Our LDPE or HDPE boston rounds and glass boston rounds are available in a wide range of sizes. The above LDPE boston rounds plastic bottles with red top spout caps are available in six great sizes.

Boston Round from Wikipedia

Also called Winchester bottle, is a strong and heavy bottle commonly used in the drug and chemical industries. It is often made of amber (brown) glass (to filter out UV light) but is also made of plastics ...
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