Plastic Child Resistant Caps for Bottles and Vials

Also called a CRC, a plastic child resistant cap can be used on a variety of bottles and vials is designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial applications and more.

  • Round shape.
  • Push down and turn to open it.
  • Strong PP resin.
  • For thread length 400, 410, 415.
  • Customer color available.
  • FDA approved.
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PPCR18 18-410
PPCR20 20-410
PPCR22 22-410
PPCR24 24-410
PPCR28 28-410


Structure of Plastic Child Resistant Caps

A child resistant cap assembly for a bottle is disclosed comprising an inner cap and outer cap. When an external pressure is applied to the outer cap, the teeth on the outer cap engage with the inner cap. While engaged, the cap assembly is rotated in a counter clockwise direction to unfasten or unscrew the cap assembly from the bottle.

  • An outer cap having hinges extending from a bottom surface of the outer cap to a top of an inner cap, wherein the hinges are vertical inclined projections angled between 45 degree to 60 degree from the bottom surface of the outer cap which form an arc-like shape around the bottom surface of the outer cap positioned every 90 degrees;
  • The hinges provide a distance between the outer cap and inner cap in a resting position;
  • An inner cap having at least one undercut along an inside rim of the inner cap;
  • Inner cap teeth extending in a vertical direction along an outer periphery of the inner cap; and outer cap teeth extending in a vertical direction along an inside of the outer cap inner periphery walls;
  • A ratio of the inner cap teeth to outer cap teeth is 2:1;
  • The inner cap teeth and outer cap teeth have angled edges;
  • The distance is about 3 mm between the bottom surface of the outer cap and the top surface of the inner cap and the distance is reduced to the other distance which is about 1 mm when a pressure is exerted on the cap assembly compressing all of the hinges in an engagement position which engage the inner cap teeth and outer cap teeth.

Background of Child Resistant Caps

The contents of bottles or containers can be toxic to children. Thus, it is necessary to provide closure devices or caps that are child resistant. That is, the cap needs to prevent a child from easily opening the bottle to avoid the risk of injesting the contents.

Additionally, the elderly and senior citizens require a cap that is senior friendly. Seniors should not over exert themselves when trying to open bottles. This can result in injury or inhibit them from reaching the contents of bottle.

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Child-resistant Caps Isn't Childproof

Child-resistant packaging or CR packaging is special packaging used to reduce the risk of children ingesting dangerous items. This is often accomplished by the use of a special safety cap. It is required by regulation for prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, pesticides, and household chemicals. In some jurisdictions, unit packaging such as blister packs is also regulated for child safety ......

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