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Wholesale and export Marijuana Vials from China, 2000pcs of Marijuana Vials get wholesale price. inquiry now at once.
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picture (image) of pop-top-vials.jpg
Plastic Squeeze Pop Top Vials
picture (image) of 14ml-23ml-plastic-pp-medical-cannabis-vials-s.jpg
Plastic PP Medical Cannabis Vials With Pop Top Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-containers-plastic-opaque-child-resistant-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Marijuana Containers With Child Resistant Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-bottles-plastic-opaque-pop-top-squeeze-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Marijuana Bottles With Top Squeeze Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-containers-plastic-opaque-reversible-child-resistant-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Cannabis Containers With Child Resistant Reversible Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-vials-joint-tubes-plastic-pop-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Marijuana Joint Tubes Vials With Pop Cap (J Tube)
picture (image) of marijuana-vials-plastic-opaque-pop-top-squeeze-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Marijuana Vials With Pop Top Squeeze Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-vials-plastic-opaque-snap-safe-cap-s.jpg
Opaque Plastic Marijuana Vials With Snap Safe Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-vials-pre-roll-joint-tubes-plastic-pop-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Cannabis J Tubes For Pre Roll With Pop Top Cap
picture (image) of blunt-cone-tubes-clear-for-marijuana-s.jpg
Clear Blunt and Cone Tubes for Marijuana
picture (image) of child-resistant-joint-container-tubes-pink-for-marijuana-s.jpg
Pink Child Resistant Joint Container Tubes for Marijuana
picture (image) of child-resistant-joint-tube-green-for-marijuana-s.jpg
Plastic Green Child Resistant Joint Tube for Marijuana
picture (image) of child-resistant-j-tubes-green-for-marijuana-s.jpg
PP Green Child Resistant J Tubes for Marijuana
picture (image) of pre-rolled-tubes-black-for-marijuana-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Black Marijuana Pre-Rolled Tubes
picture (image) of pre-rolled-tubes-blue-for-marijuana-s.jpg
Plastic Opaque Blue Pre-Rolled Cannabis Tubes
picture (image) of Marijuana-Vials-With-Child-Resistant-Pop-Top-Squeeze-Cap-s.jpg
Plastic Marijuana Vials With Child Resistant Pop Top Squeeze Cap
picture (image) of marijuana-vials-6dram-child-vials-s.jpg
6 Dram Plastic Child Resistant Marijuana Vials
picture (image) of cannabis-vials-6dram-child-vials-s.jpg
6 Dram Plastic Child Resistant Cannabis Vials
picture (image) of amber-glass-jars-with-cr-cap-s.jpg
Amber Glass Jars with Plastic Child Resistant Cap
picture (image) of bamboo-cr-cap-glass-jar-s.jpg
Clear Glass Jars with Bamboo CR Cap
picture (image) of black-reversible-vials-with-reversible-cap-s.jpg
Black Plastic Opaque Reversible Vials with Reversible Cap
picture (image) of safety-vials-with-push-turn-cap-s.jpg
Plastic Safety Vials with Push & Turn Cap
picture (image) of cbd-oil-syringes-s.jpg
1-2ml Plastic CBD Oil Syringes
picture (image) of glass-amber-dropper-bottles-with-bamboo-cap-s.jpg
Glass Amber Dropper Bottles with Bamboo Cap
picture (image) of glass-colored-dropper-bottles-with-cap-s.jpg
Glass Colored Dropper Bottles with Cap
picture (image) of pet-green-bottles-with-green-wide-mouth-cap-s.jpg
PET Green Bottles with Green Wide Mouth Cap
picture (image) of plastic-white-jar-with-green-screw-cap-s.jpg
110g Plastic White Jars with Green Screw Cap
picture (image) of safety-mega-marijuana-jara-60dr-120dr-sm.jpg
60DR-120DR Safety Mega Marijuana Jara Vials


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Established in 2016, Shengshide Packaging specialize in supplying plastic pharmaceutical packing and medical device. Shengshide Packaging manufactures and wholesales Marijuana Vials in China. We are be your best supplier.

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