PET Plastic Bottles with Wide Mouth

The following bottle is a PET plastic bottle with wide mouth, made of biograde Polyethylene Terephthalate (short for PET), These PET plastic bottles are for packaging for the medicine pills, healthcare pills. PET bottles are manufactured by the process of injection stretch blow moulding which was developed specifically to maximise the beneficial properties of PET.

  • Available in a variety of capacity: from 60ml to 500ml.
  • Any customerized color available: clear, amber, green etc.
  • Any customerized shape available: cosmo rounds, boston rounds, wide mouth rounds, cylinder bottles, plastic ovals and plastic oblongs.
  • Available in push and turn safety cap or screw cap.
  • Wide mouth.
  • Neck size: 33mm,38mm,45mm,53mm.
  • Kinds of liner available such as pressure sensitive , heat induction liner etc.
PET Bottles & PET Vials
Item No.of PET Bottles & PET Vials Capacity Package
PET 60 60ml  
PET80 80ml  
PET 100 100ml 500 pcs
PET120 120ml  
PET 150 150ml 300 pcs
PET 200 200ml 300 pcs
PET250 250ml  
PET 300 300ml 200 pcs
PET500 500ml  

Features of Pet Plastic Bottles:

  • Durability.
  • Good clarity.
  • Good moisture barrier.
  • Tends to be impact resistant.

PET Bottle Recycling

Bottles made of PET are recycled to reuse the material out of which they are made and to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills ...

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