Plastic Washing Bottles

Shengshide wash bottles are sealed with a screw-top lid. When hand pressure is applied to the bottle, the liquid inside becomes pressurized and is forced out of the nozzle into a narrow stream of liquid.

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Item No. Description
PEWS050 50ML
PEWS100 100ML
PEWS250 250
PEWS500 500ML
PEWS1000 1000ML

Features of Shengshide Wash Bottles

  • 100% low-density polyethylene which is a flexible solvent-resistant petroleum-based plastic.
  • Help avoid mistake and increase safety.
  • Contain an internal dip tube allowing upright use.
  • Color-coded.
  • Lab product
  • PE resin
  • Customer logo
  • Screw cap
  • Full range in size
  • Graduation imprinted

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