Square Disposal Sharps Containers

It is also called plastic sharps disposal container or medical sharps container.

  • Puncture resistant
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Transparent top provides visual identification of fill level
  • Needle removal port for easy disposal
  • Locking lids for safe transport
  • Wall brackets are available
  • Specification : 1QT, 2QT, 3QT, 4QT, 5QT, 8QT, 14QT
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Item # Capacity Size Case Carton Meas.
SP0010 1QT W4",D4.25",H6.3" 165 60X50X50CM
SP0020 2QT W8.1",D6.3",H5.5" 70 62X34X45CM
SP0030 3QT W4.12",D4.12",H10" 30 48X32X58CM
SP0040 4QT W9",D6.15",H6.15" 100 60X60X50CM
SP0050 5QT W9.64",D8",H6.70" 60 51X42X57CM
SP0080 8QT W12.5,D7.8",H11" 20 63X43X54CM
SP0140 14QT W14.2,D8.85",H10.8" 22 39X47X75CM

Our plastic sharps containers is designed for collecting the used disposable syringes, insulin syringes and other used medical supplies. It is safety containers which can not be opened and stop infection after they are closed. Yellow, orange, red and customerized color available for the body of the sharps containers.

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Sharps Containers Should Consider the Safety Features:

1. It should be designed so that it is easily and safely determined when the container needs to be emptied; this avoids overfilling and reduces the risk of injury.

2. The sharps container with an unwinder should be stabilized (secured to a wall, table, or tray) to prevent slipping during use.

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Standard Molds for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers

Shengshide has Standard molds for a wide variety of plastic medical sharps containers. For customers interested in taking advantage of these molds, our standard molds are ready to be developed for production with minimal time and capital.

Custom Molds for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers

Shengshide designs and builds custom molds to meet customers' specific requirements and manufactures a variety of plastic medical sharps containers.

To create truly unique small plastic medical sharps containers, you can combine custom colors with a custom mold from our design team.


Standard Colors for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers

Shengshide offers a variety of standard colors for the plastic medical sharps containers: light amber, dark amber, clear, cobalt blue, natural, dark green and white etc.


Custom Colors for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers

Shengshide also offers custom limitless colors to add your own signature to the plastic medical sharps containers. Shengshide has mastered the art of color matching, we match colors in transparent, translucent, opaque or metallic material, We make it easy to get the results you want. it is cost-effectively building brand equity across product lines


Packing for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers

Shengshide always pays great attention to packing for plastic medical sharps containers. All of the packing of plastic medical sharps containers are strong enough to withstand rough handling. Shengshide sometimes reinforces the packing with straps if necessary.

There are various kinds of packing for different plastic medical sharps containers, Shengshide usually uses cartons and pallets for outer packing, and uses cases, boxes and plastic bags for inner packing.

Shengshide packs the vials and the caps seperatley. As request by the customer, Shengshide can put the caps on the plastic medical sharps containers too.



Tips of Plastic Medical Sharps Containers

It should be red and must be puncture-resistant and labeled as sharps waste, or with a biohazard symbol and the word biohazard, or as unregulated sharps. It must be placed in the laboratory near the area of sharps waste generation. Do not overfill sharps containers.

It must be leakproof on the sides and bottom, and must be easily accessible to personnel and located as close as feasible to the immediate area where sharps are used.

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