White Packers (White Plastic Packers)

It is white high density polyethylene packer with wide mouth, For various uses such as samples, storage of liquids, pastes and powders.

  • Caps and bottles are packaged together. No more excess of bottless or caps, no waste.
  • Size: 30ml to 300ml.
  • HDPE plastic.
  • Bottle neck 33mm to 53mm.
  • With screw cap or CR cap
  • PE foam liner, heat induction seal or  pressure sensitive liner available
  • Color cap available such as red,  green, silver etc.
  • OEM
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Features of White Packer ( White Plastic Packers )

  • Easiest to use, eliminates repetitive motion problem.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Visually differentiate your prescriptions from your competition.
  • Much lighter than glass jars.
  • Can be custom imprinted with store's name, refill phone number, website or other information.
  • With easily recognized tamper-evidence cap.
  • Natural plastic packers available too.
  • C/R cap and screw cap available.


Standard Molds for Plastic White Packers

Shengshide has Standard molds for a wide variety of plastic white packers. For customers interested in taking advantage of these molds, our standard molds are ready to be developed for production with minimal time and capital.

Custom Molds for Plastic White Packers

Shengshide designs and builds custom molds to meet customers' specific requirements and manufactures a variety of plastic white packers.

To create truly unique small plastic white packers, you can combine custom colors with a custom mold from our design team.

Standard Colors for Plastic White Packers

Shengshide offers a variety of standard colors for the plastic white packers: light amber, dark amber, clear, cobalt blue, natural, dark green and white etc.

Custom Colors for Plastic White Packers

Shengshide also offers custom limitless colors to add your own signature to the plastic white packers. Shengshide has mastered the art of color matching, we match colors in transparent, translucent, opaque or metallic material, We make it easy to get the results you want. it is cost-effectively building brand equity across product lines

Packing for Plastic White Packers

Shengshide always pays great attention to packing for plastic white packers. All of the packing of plastic white packers are strong enough to withstand rough handling. Shengshide sometimes reinforces the packing with straps if necessary.

There are various kinds of packing for different plastic white packers, Shengshide usually uses cartons and pallets for outer packing, and uses cases, boxes and glass bags for inner packing.

Shengshide packs the vials and the caps seperatley. As request by the customer, Shengshide can put the caps on the plastic white packers too.

Shengshide Packaging wholesales White Packers (White Plastic Packers), Just 2000pcs get wholesale price, now.

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